Our products fails very rarely, however, sometimes after all the trouble occurs. Besides the obvious cases of guilt the buyer, for example, the device is smashed with a sledgehammer, or natural disaster, during warranty period, which is 3 years from the date of sale on the accompanying documents (passport), the company promptly and free of charge eliminates damage to equipment. If the fault of the buyer or the element, efficiency is maintained, but will have to pay.

Minor repairs carried out within one day, or in the workshops of the enterprise, or on the spot. Transportation costs – at the expense of the company. We are not expensive, because our equipment almost never breaks. Of course, for locations geographically, the period increases with time.

If the failure is significant, and the device per day can not be repaired (such cases in the history of the company happened a few times), the company is ready to replace the device serviceable. If an identical replacement is on a permanent basis (the warranty period begins to run again), if not, to the buyer at the time of repair is provided "standby" device, which upon completion of repairs is subject to reverse replacement.

We really value their customers and clients, and therefore do not leave them alone with complicated equipment. In those rare and few cases when the instrument still fails, we are ready to quickly remove the arisen malfunction.

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